RENT your MyAthlete REAL-TIME GPS Athlete Tracking System right here. 

Now your family and friends can BE A PART OF YOUR JOURNEY and watch you REAL-TIME every stroke and stride of your event. 

Order your MyAthlete for ANY race!  

Orders must be submitted by Friday at 5PM the week before your event to allow time for processing, packaging and shipping it out to you before your race.  

Orders are shipped via US Postal Service unless you chose the FedEx option.  Rental homes and condominiums often do not accept US Mail so please confirm with the rental agency that US Mail is deliverable to avoid a disappointment or simply choose the FedEx option to guarantee delivery.  


Click on OPTIONS below to choose youre rental period.  

Enjoy your Journey!

MyAthlete Athlete Tracking System

MyAthlete Athlete Tracking System

The MyAthlete Real-Time Athlete Tracking System. Now your friends and family can watch you REAL-TIME when you race and train, before, during and after the event.

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